Thinking Through Faith: New Perspectives from Orthodox Christian Scholars

Within these pages a younger generation of Orthodox scholars in America takes up the perennial task of transmitting the meaning of Christianity to a particular time and culture. This collection of twelve essays, as the title Thinking Through Faith implies, is the result of six years of reflective conversation and collaboration regarding core beliefs of the Orthodox faith, tenets that the authors present from fresh perspectives that appeal to reason and spiritual sensibilities alike. Subjects covered include: The Kingdom of God, The Foundations of Noetic Prayer, The Discipline of Theology, Understanding Pastoral Care in the Early Church, Orthodox Theologies of Women and Ordained Ministry, Reading the Lives of the Saints, The Meaning and Place of Death in an Orthodox Ethical Framework, Confession, Desire and Emotions, International Religious Freedom and the Challenge of Proselytism, “Typologies” of Orthopraxy, Byzantine Liturgy as God’s Family at Prayer, and the Orthodox Church in the Twentieth-Century.

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