Yesterday, Today, and Forever: Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity in the Teaching of the Seven Ecumenical Councils

The identity of Jesus of Nazareth is set forth in the Gospels & Epistles of the New Testament. This clear teaching is given in what may be called a common-sense, dynamic mode. In the various books Jesus is presented through different pens & with a variety of images, metaphors & titles. These may be compared to the colors of the rainbow. Each presentation (color) has integrity, but the whole N.T. (rainbow) also has its own integrity. When the Gospel entered into the Greek speaking world, new questions were asked concerning the identity of Jesus & his relation to God. Thus it became necessary for the Church to employ what may be called the hellenistic, philosophical technique to state with clarity the true identity of Jesus & his relation to the Father & the Spirit. The results of the use of this clear thinking – done in the Spirit of faith in search of understanding – is found in an approved form in the Creeds & doctrinal statements of the Early Church. This dogma or authoritative teaching is found in the public statements of the seven ecumenical councils. In YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER, Dr. Toon (D. Phil. Oxford) elucidates the significance of the dogma set forth from the Seven Ecumenical Councils. The importance of the incarnation of Christ & the Holy Trinity as set forth by the councils is highlighted in light of current trends in the church & modern culture.

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